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Okay, I want to try to focus my spare-time-project-energy for the coming months.
I will do my very best to restrain myself to three projects:

1. Getting to a minimal playable state, so y'all can start making small virtual gardens. I'm not good at graphics, so keep expectations low for the first release.

2. , a PHP fediverse server project by @InspectorCaracal . I'm thinking of making a zatnosk-experiments branch and just do my best to run wild with it.

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When I think of a future with Open Social Media, I imagine three pillars.

1) Microblogging (ActivityPub), for sharing thoughts with strangers, ephemeral community building, and broad+global reach.

2) Forum / Stable Community (no good solution yet, AFAIK), for discussing, planning, buying/selling locally. All within a distinct group of people, membership of which can be managed.

3) Peer2Peer (Scuttlebutt?), for talking directly to friends, family, nearby people, and easily sharing files.

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How often do you look at your list of starred/faved/liked posts here on the fediverse?

[ #poll #mastodon #meta ]

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Click "show more" in the previous post, and then click the image to show the sensitive content. (It's just an LGBT pride flag.)

Clicking "show less" currently hides the text again.

Now vote in this #poll. :D


Clicking "show less" should...

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My 15yo kid just came out to me tonight as trans male. In order to be more supportive, I would really like some feedback from other trans folks on how to assist or better understand this process, especially on how that works today vs 30 years ago.

Caveat- I had a parent who is trans, but this isn't the same kind of relationship. I would actually be assisting my minor child in this change, so that makes me a more active participant in the process.

Feel free to boost. #trans

Danish state funded national news wrote an article about how the design of sonic has been improved a lot for the upcoming movie.

State funded national news. Check mate, anarchists.

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there' s this author, she wrote an alternative take on A Hacker' s Manifesto

It was about how choices in selecting what to represent formally has political implications

What was her name ?

I' d like to quote her and I can' t remember

She used to be here on the fediverse too

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4.0 - Star Wars (theatrical)
4.0.1 - Star Wars (theatrical, mono mix)
4.0.2 - Star Wars (theatrical, 70mm)
4.1 - Retitled to Episode IV - A New Hope.
4.1.1 - VHS
4.1.2 - LaserDisc
4.0.3 - LaserDisc/VHS release of theatrical version
4.2 - Special Edition


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Dinosaurs didn't go extinct. Only the big slow ones did that.

The smart ones learned to fly and start fires.

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@reconbot @InvaderXan

octopus: 🐙
me: yes. you’re right. we must unionize!

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anyone have a link to a good intro guide to the mastodon ui and overall breakdown in how federation works?

I seem to have a broken link saved

#LibreOps #Help #HelpWelcome #Advice
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the socialist one-two punch: all services provided by the public sector should be 100% free at point of use, and all services required to live a modern dignified life should be provided by the public sector

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Peertube is another great idea ruined by the myopia and hostile resistance to learning white men seem to carry with them at all times in the tech space to anyone not white and male.

I’ll just wait for something better to come along or build it myself when I have the time.

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you know, if #peertube had listened to the POC who were telling them MONTHS AGO that they needed to prioritize moderation tools more highly, maybe there would be more PT instances that aren't complete cesspools

just a thought

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Think about it like this.

These bigots harass us because they want us to be afraid because they are TERRIFIED of us.

The fedi is changing because we're figuring out how to work together and they rely on us not making those connections.

There is the fedi that wants to emulate Birdland, FB, etc and I bear them no ill will.

But there is the fedi where we're building a whole new context brick by brick.

And it scares bigots b/c the rules they've become accustomed to aren't working anymore.

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please, folks, i am begging you. please look at the replies of a post before you reply and say the same thing 17 other people have said before you

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You know how glasses are fashion accessories now? I love that but we should make all accessibility devices like that

Like fuck dude a cool cane looks so good with that nice suit, wow is that a hearing aid? It goes so well with your black windbreaker and totally adds to the techwear aesthetic

Damn uour wheelchair looks great I love the color, what did you do to your wheels they compliment your dress so nicely

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Hey, techpals, any experience choosing an ethical, privacy-centric VPS host for a small project? I've used DigitalOcean and OVH before but I'm hoping there's something a little better available.

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