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Since gender and genre are basically the same word, I'm renaming my gender.

New gender: "Man, SciFi, Fantasy, Other"

This also has the added benefit of making my gender a Comma Separated list of Values (csv).

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Above: The thread that named the subgenre "sweetdark". I really like that name :blobheartcat:

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When I think of a future with Open Social Media, I imagine three pillars.

1) Microblogging (ActivityPub), for sharing thoughts with strangers, ephemeral community building, and broad+global reach.

2) Forum / Stable Community (no good solution yet, AFAIK), for discussing, planning, buying/selling locally. All within a distinct group of people, membership of which can be managed.

3) Peer2Peer (Scuttlebutt?), for talking directly to friends, family, nearby people, and easily sharing files.

Oh look, it's 23:00, time to remember all the stuff I forgot today

@vicorva I'm definitely not listening to your stream from @nuhn 's computer at the other end of the office, but this meme suddenly appeared in my download folder.

:vaporeon: Vaporeon used Coffee Machine!
It's super effective!

FediVision bot, writing a blog 

The blog is unfortunately not done yet. I've had a busy day, but I've reached 3 pages now (1102 words), and I'm still not entirely done.
Close, though!

Apologies for promising it yesterday and then delaying it twice now. I really hope I can get it finished and online tomorrow, but I guess time will tell.

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FediVision bot, writing a blog 

I said I would post the blog today, but unfortunately writing a blog was:
* harder than I expected
* longer than I expected
* not the only thing I had on my plate today

I'm 616 words* into writing it, and I hope I can finish it tomorrow, but at least I've got plenty of notes for what I want to talk about.

(* That's almost two pages in LibreOffice Writer, and that's a lot of writing for a techie like me)

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FediVision bot 

Tomorrow I'll be posting a blog about running the bot, what I did this year, and what I want to do different next year.

If anyone has feedback, suggestions, or offers of help for next years edition of Fedivision, I'll be happy to hear it tomorrow :)

I have already taken note of a few good pieces of feedback, notably that the accessibility was just not good enough this year.

I looks like federation from is going slowly right now.

I can see the bot is posting results over there, but they haven't reached this instance yet.

Dream: next year the fedivision bot should run 100% autonomously including presenting songs and counting votes and announcing winners. That'd be swell.

How many people have made adhd / adnd jokes in the last forty years?

(I'm personally fond of ADHD 3.5, but ADHD 5th edition is good too)

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Apparently the fedivision bot crashed 8 hours ago, and the built-in call for help post got posted, but failed to mention me, so I didn't see it.

It's back up now, everyone who voted in the meantime have had their votes counted (you should have received a confirmation in a reply), and the call for help post now works properly again.

Fallen London 

I've had my Zubmarine in Fallen London for a while now, and I'm absolutely amazed by the "zailing" mechanics.

Makes me want to make deck-building web games.

The biggest problem is art. I have no confidence in my drawing skills, and card-based games are objectively better with art.

The fedivision bot now replies with a direct message regardless of what visibility level you use.

That'd let you delete your vote post after getting a reply, if you accidentally made it public.

If anyone want me to delete a reply from the fedivision bot, just let me know. You can always vote again with a direct message to ensure that your vote is counted. Only last vote from each account is counted.

Fantastic idea: name a software product "Danish" and make the logo a croissant.

Not even a special croissant, but a 🥐 emoji on a colored background. Possibly rotated, so it can also be the D in "Danish".

Oh hey, it's 17th may. Congrats on not being Danish, Norway!

* Strange-vaskemaskine
* Charm-vaskemaskine
* Top-vaskemaskine
* Bund-vaskemaskine

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Eksistensen af en opvaskemaskine, insinuerer at der findes en nedvaskemaskine.

I wonder if Entity Component Systems (ECS) would be a good fit for a flexible and extensible activitypub server.

What does a cool scifi interface look like when it isn't

A) military
B) touch screens

?? :thinking_upsidedown:

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