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This is me doing re-

Hello! I'm a programmer and a (new-ish) parent, I've been running this personal instance since time immemorial.

I talk mostly about tech, but I try to branch out into artsy stuff on my secondary account: @zatnosk

From time to time I get |s, and some of those ideas have been channeled into my and projects.

I do my best to be kind and understanding, and I'm not afraid of some emotional labor for friends :)

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When I think of a future with Open Social Media, I imagine three pillars.

1) Microblogging (ActivityPub), for sharing thoughts with strangers, ephemeral community building, and broad+global reach.

2) Forum / Stable Community (no good solution yet, AFAIK), for discussing, planning, buying/selling locally. All within a distinct group of people, membership of which can be managed.

3) Peer2Peer (Scuttlebutt?), for talking directly to friends, family, nearby people, and easily sharing files.

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TIL: Jeans are literally called "cowboy trousers" in Danish.

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Oh nice, noticed the first change in :
Like and boost counts under the opened toot. That's nice. 👍

tfw you're in bed, you want to do something, and then you just get up and do it!

What a rare and powerful feeling of unimaginable and seldom ocurring powerfulness.

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Yes. Achievement unlocked! Someone replied "big mood" to a post of mine.

I'm a real millennial now, y'all comrades!

Sometimes I feel like I'm poisoning other people's threads by replying nonsense.

I keep wondering if I should setup a script that autodeleted any (public) post that didn't have hashtags, replies, likes or boosts.

I feel useless.

But not in a self-deprecating way, just as a mood.

I feel like being absolutely useless right now.

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I would like to just not be sick, please

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I kinda want to figure out my dreamteam of pokemon and commission several art pieces:
One of me and the whole team, and one each of me and a single pokemon out. And then use the team picture as profile background and the others as avatars.

Sadly, I can't afford to pay decently for such artwork.

(Anyone is more than welcome to copy this idea)

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I don't think there's anyone about who hasn't seen it, but if you're feeling generous you can support my #kickstarter to publish my librarians-and-necromancy fantasy novel, BOOKS & BONE.

I'm now trying to hit the first stretch goal to cover the cover art and the cost of ISBNs so I can get it into libraries and shops and just ... other places than Amazon.

Thanks to all who have supported so far! 💙


Would it be okay to write "pale scandinavian" instead of "white", or is that just more internalized racism? I'm genuinely curious.
I feel like "white" has a lot of american cultural annotations, that I don't identify with at all.

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If you’re white and you take a selfie you should mention it in your image description to help remove white as the default.

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*looking at capitalism* "this does not bring me joy"

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