nice. replies are showing up willy nilly in my timeline. Chronology is overrated!

@dredmorbius real dependency hell is running a federation instance on top of docker on top of ubuntu inside a tardis, and making sure all the versions match up with the expected versions in the rest of the network, but still avoid running those versions with unfixed zero days in them.

I should just reimplement ActivityPub in sonic, but you know,

@zatnosk @dredmorbius running Software on a Tardis should make it easy to fix zero days the day before they are exploited.

@Drops @dredmorbius sure, if you manage to keep track of which versions contain said zero days and which versions have fixes for them. It can be kinda exhausting to want to talk to people using a zero-day version, without using a version that hasn't been released yet in their timeline, yet still a high enough version that all the fun features are there.

And backporting is just too much work!

@zatnosk Timelords and backwards-incompatibility are a massive, massive, massive headache.


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