Signs you're more of a computer scientist than an artist #38:

We need to draw a few flower-sprites for a game. Let's start by (re-)implementing matrix multiplication, so we can use linear algebra to generate semi-random flower-shapes. That sure sounds like a good and effective plan!

@InspectorCaracal yeah, it only took me a couple of days to get matrix multiplication working properly, so I can rotate stuff around arbitrary center points.

@zatnosk are you enjoying this or do you want me to, like

make you some flowers


@InspectorCaracal oooh, that's a really tough question. The advantage with my (extremely ambitious) current scheme, is that I would be able to interpolate between the five flower archetypes - if successful.

Which gives me a nice way of doing flower genetics. And genetics is <3

@zatnosk ooh, that is a solid advantage!

Mine used a very simple "parent A or parent B" system for the three "traits" I was passing on, but creating new flower shapes via genetic traits would be amazing

@InspectorCaracal not to mention, if I get this right, I might be able to interpolate between the plant sprouting and it growing a flower.

"Free" animation of any flower growing!

@zatnosk fwiw to me this sounds like a very artist thing to do. most of the artists I know are obsessive and joyful in the technical aspects of their work, many are motivated purely by that obsession and joy

@aparrish yeah, you're probably right. And that description fits me pretty well.

Maybe it's just that I'm not a "pixel artist" but rather a "system artist".

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