An Idea (Boosts Appreciated) (1) 

Hi there. I'm David: A Webcomic, and I have an idea.

What would happen if we gathered up as many #comic artists from Mastodon as we possibly could and made a comic anthology?

Something great, perhaps. Something really weird, as well.

So now, I present to any MastoArtist who may be interested: a comic anthology. Perhaps Mastodon's first anthology. A gathering of the fediverse's finest in one place.

Nothing's definite right now. I'm still planning this out...


Re: An Idea (Boosts Appreciated) (1) 

@David_A_Webcomic as an avid webcomic reader with a stable income, I'd be inclined to throw money at this project. Especially if there were one or two artists in the project that I know of already.

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