How insance would it be to fork @Tusky to make a dedicated Pixelfed android app?

@zatnosk the app for pixelfed will make it or break it.

@kai Agreed. I really want to run a pixelfed instance (for vikings, witches and other weirdoes), but I don't want to try convincing people to actually use one before there's a convenient app - with builtin signup!

@zatnosk @kai I don't doubt what you say. I have always felt this is so strange to me. I think it's generational.

I mean when "smart phones" were in their infancy apps became the new website. Your company had to have an app. So many just created webapps. There was no added bonus to using the app versus going to the site in a browser. It just took up precious storage space on your device.
Again, I know you're both right, it's just weird to me.

@sikkdays @kai personally, I think a webapp could be jyst fine if done right. But there are expectations from the currently instagram-using crowd, and making the barrier of moving to pixelfed as low as possible is important, IMO.

@zatnosk @sikkdays can a web app access your device's camera without some weird flash plugin?

@zatnosk @sikkdays that might be a good first step for pixelfed.

Imagine if you had to write your status updates in another app and then upload them to Mastodon. That's what pixelfed is like right now.

@kai @zatnosk I never thought of it that way. For me, and many people I know on Instaspam, they already use another app to edit their photos, sometimes more than one. So even with the current "favorite" people are constructing their status in another app.

@sikkdays @zatnosk my hunch is that editing outside the app would be considered advanced, but I'd love to see stats on it

@kai @zatnosk I was going to say I disagree, but I suppose it's all about who you follow. Plus, the latest iGroan and Pixblo phones were all about better selfies and photos boasting AI and smart tech. So perhaps you are right.

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