Internal conflict:

* Wanting to build online RPGs inspired by classic TTRPGs with monsters and loot.

* Wanting to only make pacifistic games, because "Kill 'Em All" gets boring after a while. ("Master Of Puppets" is better anyway - can we get some non-lethal political intrigue games, please?)

@InspectorCaracal but they're in conflict!

I can't stick to only making pacifist games, and then also make a game about randomly killing monsters for arbitrary loot.

@zatnosk @InspectorCaracal I kinda want a game about crafting, and making friends with random fantasy creatures so the'll give you, or at least let you trade for, rare ingredients.

@Anke @InspectorCaracal I think it's very close to what I'm subconciously aiming for with : Gardening.

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