Move fast and fill up the harddrive.

Installing Node.js to install to get an easy webserver on windows to serve a git repo to move a pile of rust code over a local network.


eh. didn't work. web-server makes a locally-trusted cert and forces https. So no easy access from LAN.

Eh. And now it's too late to do more "hacking", so I'd better just pack up and do it some other time...


I just want to move a git repo over the network from windows to linux, why is that so hard?

Eh. git daemon actually did the job once I figured out how to run it.

Nice, but also, ugh, not easy.

@zatnosk I was going to say, I think it's literally easier to move a live lxd container around 😂

@kai and how would I theoretically make one of those on windows?

@zatnosk I don't know but I just use containers for everything now

@kai sounds heavy. Do you also use forklifts instead of bikes and cargoships instead of busses? :P

@zatnosk lxd is fancy and resources are plentiful 😋

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