An end-to-end encrypted (e2ee) peer-to-peer (p2p) network {on top of / embedded in / next to} the ActivityPub (AP) fediverse.

* AP clients that are also p2p nodes

* public initiation of messages (aka sliding into dms) is only possible if there's a {public key / p2p object-capability (ocap) identifier} in the AP profile

[continued in next toot]

* full spectrum of {groups / social contexts / forums} including

** e2ee group messages

** hidden groups with ocap invites

** visible groups with moderated signup and hidden content

** public groups with moderated signup and public content

** open groups with open signup and public content

Did I miss the next toot?

We're doing some of that (p2p network, each person or group gets their own instance, like I am posting from here).

Lots more to be decided. Will want some e2ee. Will probly use ocaps somewhere.

Did not understand "sliding into dms"...

Thanks. Not sure why that does not appear here, while your previous toot and this one do appear here.

Looks like you got your own one-person site, too.

But regardless, got plans to make that list of requirements happen? We'd be interested in at least half.

@bhaugen I have some inactive projects working in that direction, but after dividing time between my toddler and my job, there's not much left over for projects.

So, yeah. The hybridization of AP with p2p messaging and filesystems is an emerging trend. P2P is traditionally weak on discovery while federation is weak on privacy, so they compliment each other better than they compete. The actor model provides public key infrastructure while federated instances provide the digital equivalent of "meeting in public" for social interaction

@yaaps exactly that! Thank you for eloquently describing why it's a good idea :)

@yaaps out of curiosity what makes you say AP is not weak on discovery.

I feel like the mechanism of joining/discovering other federated instances (besides of not being spec'ed by activitypub) is severly lacking in the current implementations.

Currently AP implementations are very much a reaction to the deliberate overload of engagement in mainstream silos, but pick a topic and make 5 new friends who are interested in that topic on ActivityPub using only in band resources. Now do the same thing with your email account, an XMPP account, SSB, IRC...

@yaaps OK, I think I understand what you mean. I interpreted your initial comment to mean "inter-instance" discoverability, not "inter-user". Thanx for the reply.

Initial instance and pub discovery happen over HTTP. HTTP discovery is the bottleneck that enables search providers to become gatekeepers. Social search is the alternative to lexical search, but federated and p2p social networks won't be viable alternatives to silos without loosening the paranoia about getting indexed. We need to negotiate transactional privacy on the assumption the network is compromised rather than trying to gate access to our public scope

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