An end-to-end encrypted (e2ee) peer-to-peer (p2p) network {on top of / embedded in / next to} the ActivityPub (AP) fediverse.

* AP clients that are also p2p nodes

* public initiation of messages (aka sliding into dms) is only possible if there's a {public key / p2p object-capability (ocap) identifier} in the AP profile

[continued in next toot]

Did I miss the next toot?

We're doing some of that (p2p network, each person or group gets their own instance, like I am posting from here).

Lots more to be decided. Will want some e2ee. Will probly use ocaps somewhere.

Did not understand "sliding into dms"...

Thanks. Not sure why that does not appear here, while your previous toot and this one do appear here.

Looks like you got your own one-person site, too.

But regardless, got plans to make that list of requirements happen? We'd be interested in at least half.

@bhaugen I have some inactive projects working in that direction, but after dividing time between my toddler and my job, there's not much left over for projects.

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