Fun fact:
Counting by population, Denmark is the second largest nordic country. (5.8m; Sweden is 10m)

Counting by land area? Denmark is the smallest nordic country. Even Iceland has more than twice our landmass. (DK: 43,094 km2, IS: 103,000 km2)

In conclusion, we're pretty dense.


Other fun fact:
The highest point in Denmark is on top of the Great Belt Bridge (256.3m, lower than the Eiffel Tower).

The highest natural point in Denmark is 170.86m above sealevel.
That's 9cm (centimeters!) higher than the second place. Which incidentally has a 1.77m burial mound on top, to make it juuust a bit higher, bumping it up to 172.54m.

In conclusion, we're pretty flat.

Being both very dense and very flat, it's no surprise that we're 2nd in the world in bikes per capita. Around 80% according to some random internet article.

Who's 1st in bikes per capita?

Netherlands. 99.1% bikes per capita (according to that same article) Being almost as flat (highest point is 322.7 m), but with a population density of 416.7/km2 they're _the_ densent country in europe excluding microstates (such as Monaco (18713/km2)).

That article:

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