@dansup I mostly agree with you, but users also care about continued access to content and network and being able to move off servers that are shutting down.

So there's a balance that needs to be found here, and currently, Mastodon makes it too hard to move from instance to instance.

@zatnosk Migrating from a pixelfed instance to another pixelfed instance is a top priority.

Pixelfed cannot guarantee the same experience with other implementations.

If you really cared about nomadic identity then you would host your own instance on your own domain.


@dansup I'm glad to hear that Pixelfed prioritizes migration.

But regarding nomadic identity versus selfhosting; not everyone can afford to selfhost - or even want to. But they still might want the reliability nomadic identity can give you by being distributed across different hosts.

Plus, the less we bind identity to domain names and specific physical servers, the easier we can move towards a blended federation+p2p future.

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