Fun fact: The first word I learned in english was "Lighthouse". Thank you, Sid Meier's Civilization.

@zatnosk I picked up my first bits of English from Zelda 2 of all things

@zatnosk (because it was the first game I played that required understanding the text on screen to get anywhere)

@theoutrider Civ had an anti-piracy mechanism where it asked you a question and you'd then have to find the answer on a specific page in the manual.

We memorized the answers by trial-and-error based on icons and recognition of names of technologies we didn't know what meant.

@zatnosk This first game I played that required English proficiency was Leisure Suit Larry – not sure if I should brag about any "first words".

@zatnosk (Actually it was a self-booting version of KQ1, but LSL makes for a funnier story)

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