What if.. i included dragons in my otherwise human-earth-history inspired 4X strategy game?

Is it really exploration, if you don't have a chance of finding a dragon with a pile of gold?

What if.. Nature spirits? Unpredictable minor gods spawned by worship? (Unpredictable miner gods?)

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Seven kinds of plants:

* Grass
* Vines
* Herbs
* Shrubberies
* Trees
* Fungi (funguy)
* Dryads

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Seven kinds of animals:
* Horses
* Other ungulates
* Fowl (foul birds!)
* Canines (doggos! remember to include petting)
* Felines
* Dragons
* Trickster Gods

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@InspectorCaracal @zatnosk red squirrels are super cute!
(This comment brought to you by me having had the opportunity to watch one squirreling around 2-3 metres from her face while in the kitchen today)

@InspectorCaracal @Anke mustelids are just small canines (or at rather caniforms).

And how am I going to model the effect of rodents in a turn based strategy game?

They haven't been domesticated for any form of labor I know of 😛

@InspectorCaracal @Anke ugh, I knew it as soon as I posted that reply.

Aaaargh. But how? A group of squirrels as a "unit" on a tile based maps seems silly.

@InspectorCaracal because then they can't migrate? I guess they could have a similar system to plants where they spread slowly.

Bur that's also getting waaay too complex for a first draft of the game. Why not just assume there's rodents hidden around everywhere?

@zatnosk why not!

Although part of my motivation for mentioning mustelids besides just being a brat is there is a marked lack of water animals in your list.

@zatnosk I guess it makes sense if you're talking about animals solely in the sense of farm animals, but then what about hunting?

@zatnosk mustelids are also, like, THE fur trade animals, if you're going to be doing things like economic trees

@zatnosk in the end what it comes down to is knowing what mechanics you want the game to be about and not developing things that don't contribute to that

@InspectorCaracal I guess I still have some work to do. Because I do want both trade and food production to be central issues.

@zatnosk trade and food production are extremely complicated; even with that in mind, you want to have a good understanding of what elements of it you want to be important

just for a brief example, two major and completely different possible focuses for trade/food gameplay: resource management versus tech advancement

@InspectorCaracal .... Both?

I knew this design idea was going to be challenging, but not this hard.

@zatnosk usually they do involve both, yes xD but that means you need to plan for the mechanics for both of those approaches. Right now it sounds like most of what you've been thinking about for the food angle is what the variety of options are and not how they matter. Like, is there a mechanical difference between fruiting trees and berry bushes? What are the pros and cons of each? How much control does the player have to manage which kinds of food resources?

@zatnosk And then for tech advancement, how directly does it affect your resource management? does it open new options for you, does it make you better or more efficient at using the available resources? or even, are those approaches different trees the player should have to weight against each other when deciding how to proceed in their development?

@InspectorCaracal I do have some thoughts to the mechanical differences of the different categories, just nothing definitive yet.

I'm tempted to do a simple genetics system, so that every category has a distinct set of attributes that vary across the population.

Also, the plants will spread in different speeds, interact through which plants can coexist in a tile, and animals will have preferences for different plants to eat, that they will roam towards.

@zatnosk to play the devil's advocate, so to speak: while this is a cool idea, what does it add to the player's gameplay

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@zatnosk also yeah there's a reason I'm never going to try making something like a 4x game, as interested as they are. >.>

@zatnosk wot, no fishes? no beetles?

I am glad this is a game and not an ecosystem...

@artsyhonker it's a turn based strategy game a la Civilization.

Do I really have to give the fish agency too?

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