I want (private) tags that I can put on accounts, so I can temporarily mute every single american when I get tired of american bullshit.

No, seriously, privately tagging accounts or posts could be quite a usable feature.

@zatnosk I do have some people who post less but that I don't want to miss in a mastodon list so that they their posts don't get lost among people that I follow that post and boost more often, especially during times I cannot check mastodon continuously during the day.

Maybe a similar approach could work and you can simply unpin home?

@eylul hm. It might be a possible workaround, but it'd be very hard to maintain. Primarily because I want to exclude based on a defined list, where Lists as they are in mastodon currently, only allows me to include. So I'd have to include ever non-american I follow in the list. And for each tag I want to track in a similar way, I'd need to curate every combination of those tags, making it extremely complex, even if curating a single list was easy (which it is not).

@zatnosk yeah a way to not reshow people on a list in the home timeline would be nice regardless.

The only other option I can think of is the word filter? that needs to be set from settings through and I don't know if it can be disabled and enabled without recreating.

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