a mastodon client that only lets you fav and boost posts from people that follow you.

Interact with your mutuals, gaddammit!

@zatnosk I dislike the social pressure of following someone back or vice versa in order to cement some sort of social-relationship standing so I generally ignore it.

@InspectorCaracal yeah okay. That's fair. I don't want to induce social pressure in that way, so I might rethink my stance on designing for mutuals.

But I still think there's some value in discouraging too much reply-guy/jump-in-mentions/contacting-complete-strangers behaviour, which I see as the opposite ditch (does that idiom work in english?)

@zatnosk Question, though: isn't that what follower-locked posting is for?

@InspectorCaracal somewhat. But followers-only has always been a bit faulty, in that any reply to a followers-only post of mine is shown to a different audience.

I don't have any complete answers, but it's definitely an area I want to explore.

@zatnosk A good point and one that's brought up a lot of trouble.

*considers the thing I'm building* hm, this is like the follower-levels problem, where I can easily solve the problem on *my* end, but unless mastodon changes things too, their system will still have the problem

@InspectorCaracal if enough systems solve the problem on their end, it might make mastodon finally fix it.

@zatnosk Honestly I'm planning at this point to just do my best and then build in a small warning when interacting with instances in certain ways that they may not honor your privacy settings.

@zatnosk (My *hope* is that I can get this done to production level and a mastodon-to-starship server migration tool and then convince everyone to switch. <.<)

@InspectorCaracal if/when you get it stable, I'm ready to switch without a migration tool :P

@zatnosk honestly my reason for writing the migration tool is 100% for me to use it <.<

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