Imagine having the option to make any of your posts expire after 24 hours, so that any other (complying) server would hide and delete the post after that.

It should probably still be saved for a while on your home server, so you'd be able to save the good posts. And also, so that moderators can do their thing.

@zatnosk Pixelfed does this natively IIUC. For other platforms I believe people have made scripts to achieve it.

@clacke Pixelfed doesn't do it yet. And it'd only be special story-posts as I understand it, not any post you'd want.

And the scripts can only do deletes, which gives a different behavior in both practice and semantics. E.g. there's no "storing old temporary posts and making one permanent after expiry".

@zatnosk I like this idea, and it is one of the ways you could detect bad actors without having to explicitly go looking

@inmysocks yeah. Get any interaction on a post that's supposed to be expired? Flag it, so a moderator can deal with it.

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