Hot take: The fediverse needs microtransaction infrastructure to leave centralized media monopolies behind.

As in, seize the means of media production, @ajroach42 -style

@zatnosk @ajroach42
More seriously, Gnu Taler might happen someday

The best current approach would be FairCoin with FairBank for most exchanges. You can have low friction on flows within the system, but regulatory capture makes ingress and egress a pain. With FairBank, it's 100€ minimum deposit to setup a FairCoin wallet and you deal with the fees from your current bank

An AP extension to publish wallet IDs would be the easy part

@zatnosk @ajroach42 how about leaving capitalism and the monetization of everything behind? That would be the most effective way to exit the centralized media monopoly structure...

@zatnosk @ailurocrat
Like, I have been working on recording and producing things without looking to those things to make money.

I'm working on it.

But I've been actively working on it for a long time, because I can only do it in small bursts because I have other obligations, and largely those are financial.

@ajroach42 @zatnosk same here. I make music sometimes, no interest in fame or money, just self expression. The d.I.y. ethic, anti-corporate art for art's sake. Music as therapy, music as international revolutionary language, etc.

And that works in a limited capacity.

I'd love to be able to produce media full time, but I can't pay the bills with podcasts and webTV (yet?) So I output less, and slower, and at a lower quality.

Hell, I still haven't managed to get a single episode of #JupitersGhost finished, and it's been more than two years...

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