Okay, I want to try to focus my spare-time-project-energy for the coming months.
I will do my very best to restrain myself to three projects:

1. Getting to a minimal playable state, so y'all can start making small virtual gardens. I'm not good at graphics, so keep expectations low for the first release.

2. , a PHP fediverse server project by @InspectorCaracal . I'm thinking of making a zatnosk-experiments branch and just do my best to run wild with it.

And last but not least:

3. The android app I described here:
Basically a blog/article reader for the fediverse, with hopefully added shenanigans in the long run.

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I will very likely go at these projects in sequential order - or at the very least get the garden game to a nice place before diving in to the other two.

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Bonus: Did you know you can use mastodon polls as a fancy timer to remind yourself of something because it gives you a notification after a selectable delay?
Ugly hack, but nice hack.

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@zatnosk hey if you need some low-res assets for the garden game, I can do some for you

what's your tile resolution?

@InspectorCaracal my tile resolution is SVG, because then I can do stuff programatically :P

But I'm planning on sticking at least one 64x64 tile in there - my draxel!

@vantablack @RemindMe does that still work? The poll is hackier, but possibly more reliable.

@zatnosk Sorry, I didn't understand that :/ Reply with !help to see usage examples!

@vantablack @zatnosk

I'll try to remind you then!
Your reminder receipt is: 349

Reply to this with !until to get updates on your reminder!
Reply to this with !cancel to cancel your reminder.

@zatnosk if you do run an experimental branch, feel free to submit a PR every time you get something new working 😎

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