"Transcription" of the button:
´ \ ´
| ´

These are the symbols I can type with it:

tap+space: '
tap+tap: ´
shift+tap+space: `
shift+tap+tap: ` (same as previous)
alt(gr)+tap: |
alt-shift-tap: ¦

@zatnosk Doesn't that activate the Predator's self destruct?

@wyrddrgn Possibly. I haven't seen any predators since clicking it, that's for sure.

@zatnosk Somewhere, in the jungle, a Predator does a quizzical look to camera... and explodes.

@zatnosk It's ´ and ` on my keyboard.

Maybe a missprint?

@zatnosk But also, I don't use a keyboard that's compatible with Norwegian and Danish, but a Swedish one.
So it is probably not the same setup.

@maloki Oooh, I think I get it now.

The individual columns are the different layouts. So the first column is danish layout, the second is norwegian (they apparently have a \ on unmodified tap instead of ´), and the third is swedish. The top symbol is the same in all three, so they only printed it once.

@zatnosk someone put that party hat on his head without asking

There's a reason I don't use a Scandinavian keyboard layout even though I'm Danish...

It'll be a dead key for adding accents to vowels in the first and second layers of your current layout, I suspect.

@gamayun Yeah, that's how it acts using the danish layout in software.

It's not actually confusing to me, since I mostly use it touchtyping anyway, it's just.. bafflingly labelled.

Yeah. The keycaps used to get made for each market most of the time. But I guess the hardware manufacturers have gotten lazy.

@zatnosk Look like instant sex, or your airbag deployed??????????

@zatnosk well based on looks, I'm gonna say it awakens the old gods...
@zatnosk That looks crazy! But I don't have it on my laptop with SWE Layout. That looks to be some kind of combination layout, no?

@MMWW yeah, it's "Danish / Norwegian / Swedish", and apparently, their method of solving conflicts between the layouts is giving each layout a column on the button.

@zatnosk I figured. Didn't know that there were that many differences other than our extended characters, but I haven't seen one of my neighbors keyboards in a while... 😊​

@zatnosk I've never seen it before. *looks at my own keyboard* wtf I got one just like it

Standard #Nordic #keyboard layouts are utterly annoying, at least when it comes to coding.
Personally I just use a US International keyboard (which are surprisingly hard to get here in #Norway, so I'm glad I brought two with me from the #Netherlands), with a slightly modified keyboard layout which adds å to altGr+a, ø to altGr+o and æ to altGr+e.

@FiXato ooh, that's a good way to get to the fancy vowels. Nice.

on #Windows, Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (microsoft.com/en-us/download/d) is an excellent tool to create your own layouts; either from scratch, or based on an existing layout.

@zatnosk It starts the summoning of Z̹̟A̱̪̬̱̜͜L̴͉̻̮̮G҉̳O̪̙͔͞!̜̯͈͔̳̱̕

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