I'm fascinated by the fact that the difference in population between India and China is roughly equivalent to the population of Spain.
I never think about Spain as a small country, but also, China is only 3.6% larger than India.

Also, Denmark, where I live, has 0.43% the number of people in India. That's less than half of one percent.

And yet, we have our own language, a state, a few semi-autonomous colonies, internationally recognized brands (Lego? Maersk? Carlsberg?), etc.

@zatnosk I looked quickly at… , sorted and copy and pasted, and there are 76 cities in the world that has a core, urban or metropolitan population >= 6M.

Some of them i haven't even heard of.

Denmark has done well for itself. 😀

@clacke that was actually my next thought, counting how many cities are bigger than Denmark. 76 is a lot of cities at that size o.O

@zatnosk yeah, every time I look at the per capita GDP of most Western European countries or North America compared to India it really serves to highlight how much we are fucking them over.

@inmysocks @zatnosk Right. When I say "Denmark has done well for itself", there is an implied darker side where Europe has done well for itself on the backs of others.
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