What's the most occult ingredient you can get on a regular fast-food pizza?

@zatnosk You might also be able to get a dessert pizza covered in chocolate.
I'm not entirely sure what qualifies as "occult"

@Anke I have never tried or even seen any kind of dessert pizza. Where can I buy chocolate pizza?

@zatnosk The closest discounter here (Rewe) has one with the other frozen pizzas, Dr. Oetker brand
...I think I've seen another variety in gift shops and/or speciality gummy shops that were covered in gummy worms and the like. Those weren't baked WITH the toppings, though, so it seems more like pizza-shaped thing than an actual pizza.

@Anke @zatnosk I saw these at the store and thought that's really odd, and then they didn't have them again. Maybe discovered people don't want chocolate on their pizza lol

@zatnosk My backbrain just dug up the fact that tomatoes used to be considered an aphrodisiac.

You mean like the spaghetti bolognese pizzas that are getting popular here? Or in Scotland, where deep fried haggis pizza was a thing?

@gamayun I don't mean "so weird it's almost cursed", I'm aiming for "the topping on this pizza is part of an occult ritual".

Deep fried haggis might qualify for both, in some strange way - but it's not really a thing on pizza outside Scotland, I think...

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