What real world period should I base my Epic Fantasy About Cooperative Action on?
(Yes, this poll is biased. Yes, this poll is eurocentric)

I now realise that allowing "viking age" as an option, when I also plan to make almost all forms of seafaring impossible, is... probably going to disappoint people.

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What real world period should I base my Epic Fantasy About Cooperative Action on? (Round 2 *)

This time with the popular write-in of Bronze Age.

(*Least popular option (Medieval) has been eliminated)

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What real world period should I base my Epic Fantasy About Cooperative Action on? (Round 3, Final Round, Finale)

Stone age and Iron age both got two votes out of fourteen, so now it's down to a 1v1 between Bronze Age (the underdog and newest contender, can it take the lead from..) and Viking Age (in the lead from the start, a popular and strong contender, with a hidden risk of disappointment, because what are vikings in a world without boats?)

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Argh, it's a tie :(

Meh, I'll just pick viking equivalent then, because it had a good run, and it's interesting to try to define "viking" in a world without boats (because seamonsters and "here be dragons")

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@InspectorCaracal oh, don't worry. This is mostly about technology levels more than anything.

There's everything from post-furry dwarves to time-dilating sloth elves to fireball-specialized wizards to culturally curious horse-riding orcs in this universe.

Also, in the far future, the universe will be destroyed and recreated by space whales.

@InspectorCaracal what do you mean don't have a vote? I thought tootplanet finally supports polls?

@zatnosk sorry that *was* unclearly worded xD I meant I don't have a preference so I can't pick something to vote for

@InspectorCaracal because I got to start somewhere, and I want some of it to be recognizable, instead of everything just being weird thur'zurang crystal semi-bliuat technology.

@Terrana sorry, I was adding it at first, but I realized I'm not interested in writing about that period of the world just yet.

Also, I'd rather include both viking and medieval in the poll, despite being overlapping concepts, and I only have four slots for options.

@Terrana I still don't have a clear picture of the evolution of tech and culture in this world, but choosing an age to focus on for my Big Writing Project might help me fill out the picture for any previous ages.

@zatnosk Hey, that's fair. You really don't need any justification beyond "I don't want to write about that."

@Terrana true that. But I also like to explore why I make the choices I do. Also, any kind of talk about this project help me hone in on what I want to do with it! 😀

@Anke @zatnosk @Shutsumon huh I thought everyone merged the patch by now? I guess not...

@piggo @Shutsumon @Anke some people are lazy. Especially my local admin *glares at mirror*

@piggo @Shutsumon @Anke plus, I actually made that poll from my phone with Tusky's latest beta, and I'm pretty sure they default to max 4 options regardless of instance capability.

@zatnosk @Anke @Shutsumon ohh my Tusky can't even do polls, that's cool (and disappointing if true, but we can hope)

@piggo @Shutsumon @Anke sorry, I was assuming stuff. Took a look at the code, and it looks like it reads "max_options" and "max_option_chars" from the api/v1/instance endpoint 👍

@Shutsumon Because I only had four slots, and I'm biased towards medieval and viking age to make it easier for myself.

@zatnosk Maybe some age when cooperaive action was known to exist? Might that eliminate Viking age?

@bhaugen what makes you think cooperative action wasn't a thing among vikings?

(Plus, this is fantasy; when dragons can exist, using concepts such as cooperative action is hardly a stretch, even if they didn't exist in the parallel real world age.)

> what makes you think cooperative action wasn't a thing among vikings?

Very rough readings of history. I would guess that like pirates they were probly pretty cooperative with each other but beyond their crew, pillage and burn. But that's not evidence,that's guessing.

And I don't care what you write, but you asked...;-)

@bhaugen vikings did way more than just raid and pillage. They settled not only northern england, they also settled faeroe isles, iceland, greenland and small parts of canada. Not to mention the kingdoms they built in scandinavia. They had trading connections with slavs and arabs, and some served as mercenaries in the eastern roman empire in what is now Istanbul.

My point is, they travelled wide and far and was exposed to a lot of ideas.

@zatnosk @bhaugen yes! I want the bit about the vikings being farmers and stuff in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic.

I take it all back, you have clearly studied the Vikings more than I have (which was not much).

@bhaugen I do consider myself a descendant of them (or at least the farmers who stayed home) plus there's quite a lot of coverage of them in the danish school system 🙂

I'm a descendant of a Housman (sp?)
Lowest caste when Norway had a caste system.

@zatnosk honestly I finally voted and picked Viking specifically because "what are Vikings in a world without boats?" is a really interesting question I'd like to see handled

@zatnosk If it helps, I was seconds too late to vote in this one, but would've voted Viking.

@zatnosk very definitive. Glad I could help split the vote.

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