Oh no. Something in my homefeed on Tootplanet is making the latest @Tusky crash.

Will investigate.

@zatnosk .... I thought I'd fixed the local-only post problem!!!!!! 😭

@zatnosk although I guess if you can identify if it's only in your home timeline and NOT in the planet timeline then it means it's not my local posts, but if it's in both then it probably is.... ughhh what did they do this time

@zatnosk I had holly test my fix and it worked fine ARGH

*goes to find their recent update changelog*

@zatnosk it was last updated on the 11th though, unless holly was using an old version, which seems unlikely, so why is it crashing yours but it didn't crash hers....

@zatnosk hey @monorail do you mind getting on your toot planet account in Tusky again when you have a chance and letting me know if scrolling down the Local timeline crashes it? and if it doesn't, what version and OS are you running it on?

@InspectorCaracal @zatnosk @monorail
I just scrolled down the local timeline in Tusky until I saw 12 hour old posts, and it didn't crash. Tusky version 8.1, Android 7.0

@Anke @zatnosk @monorail oh, thank you!!

which means... it's not my end breaking Tusky in general, but something specific with Zatnosk's device....

@InspectorCaracal @Anke @monorail I'm using the Tusky 9 beta, so I think that has a lot to do with it.

@InspectorCaracal @Anke @monorail (sorry I forgot to mention that in the original post. Should have written "latest beta tusky" instead of just "latest tusky"

@zatnosk hey I'm filling out a bug report, can you give me this info for your device?

- Android Version:
- Android Device:

@InspectorCaracal it looks like it's back :(

I tried unfollowing you to remove your local-only posts from my home feed, and that moved the crash to when I scroll down to put Lyn's local-only post in range.

(P.s. I have re-requested a follow over there, didn't think that far when testing)

@zatnosk @Tusky if you could get the logs, it would be lovely

@charlag @Tusky I've sent a crash report with the logs now, I hope that's what you need?

It's a NullPointerException, but the class names looks minified, so I can't tell where.

@charlag @Tusky @InspectorCaracal is looking into it from his end, I believe. We nailed it down to local-only posts.

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