I want a strategy game that's about diplomatic relations, trade, mutual aid, technological cooperation.

@zatnosk Settlers of Catan, kind of...even though you're competing it's practically impossible to play without engaging in mutually beneficial trade. I suppose it's doable, but it'd be a miserable way to play the game.

It's not quite what you're describing, but it's the closest existing game I know of. If someone recommends you a better game, I'd love to hear about it!

@ink_slinger oh, that's an interesting suggestion. I guess in my family there weren't that many trades, so it became mostly a game of strategic placement and resource gathering luck. And stealing with the thief :P

@ink_slinger but yeah, while it's possibly the closest game, it's unfortunately nowhere near what I actually want :(

@zatnosk I've heard of some kickstarters for games that are explicitly about anarchist type societies, which would probably fit the bill, but I don't know if any of them have actually got off the ground.

@ink_slinger @zatnosk There are a lot of games that you could play co-op like that. Most 4X games if you just played with only humans can work out that way; you could just fire up a game of Stellaris or Endless Legend or Civ and work together to build a worldwide/galactic civilization.

I swear I knew of some purely collaborative (ie. you don’t have to kindof avoid the expected approach to play) games like this though. Ones without direct violence often end up weirdly being worse for expecting competition rather than cooperation, for example Offworld Trading Company might sound promising but it’s all about doing battle through the market.

I wish this was more of a consideration by game makers, particularly for computer games where it can be a lot easier to just mod up a separate mode. I would love to see a pure “try and build up your society while surviving the winters” cooperative mode for Northgard, for instance.

@keithzg @zatnosk Civ is a good example of a game that *should* be able to be played that way but, ultimately, even if you get the scientific victory, the game essentially boils down to a cliche "clash of civilizations."

I haven't played any of the more recent titles, though, so I playing without any CPU players didn't even occur to me.

co-op "4X" games 

co-op "4X" games 

co-op "4X" games 

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