Does anyone know of any Android games that resembles either RPG or strategy and isn't

1) On a timer
2) Based on killing stuff


@zatnosk animal crossing pocket camp. While it has some timers, they don't prevent you from playing when you want to.

@zatnosk Love Nikki is an RPG game based on defeating people through fashion.

@zatnosk oh, there are a few timers in the game but time is generally not very important. It's not a twitch game by any means.

@Rowyn hm. Sounds like a good suggestion. I'm initially a bit sceptical of the anime/manga style, though, but I'll give it a try.

@zatnosk I enjoyed Auralux, but depending on what your definition of "killing stuff" is it might not count. It's an rts where the units are just colored dots that annihilate on contact with another color of dot, and you capture points that produce more units.

@someonetellmetosleep destroying the opponents dots to capture key points are still killing and conquering.

@zatnosk that's fair, sorry I don't have any better ideas; I pretty much only play puzzle games on my phone.

@someonetellmetosleep that's okay. I'm not even sure what I'm looking for actually exists.

Stardew Valley came out for Android, it has a bit of killing monsters but mostly farming.
Also many boardgame adaptations, like Suburbia and Terra Mystica.

while it's only good for one or two playthroughs, story-wise the minimalistic #RPG "A Dark Room" (or any of its copycats I guess) is pretty good.

It's originally a browser game, so the interface could be better. I believe some of the copycats (such as A Dark Night) have improved upon this somewhat.

#aDarkRoom #AndroidGaming #mobileGaming

@zatnosk How broadly are we treating "strategy" here? There are a lot of abstract strategy games. Abalone is a good example there. And then there are games like 2048, which are sometimes put under strategy and sometimes put under puzzles.

@PastaThief 2048 is definitely a puzzle game in my book.

Abalone is more abstract than I was hoping for. I think I want something with some story and world to it? Hence the "or rpg" part.

To be honest the ideal game would be some kind of 4X game focused on strategic diplomacy, friendly relations, trade and resource management - but I don't think that exists, since that's throwing at least two of the X's out of 4X.

@zatnosk Eight Minute Empire is a more directly traditional "strategy" game (it most closely resembles Risk, but much better and without most of Risk's flaws) that doesn't depend on killing stuff, but there is a "kill a troop" card in the game, so it fails if you want no-death rather than just "not fundamentally about death".

@PastaThief hm. Eight Minute Empire looks interesting, but I've also been spoiled two-ways by shitty free games on Android. There's veeeery long between games that are worth* paying for on this platform, and I don't really have money to throw after mobile games right now.

* To be worth it needs not only to be fun, but also to be designed respectful of my time, and to have a pleasant interface when playing the game. And it'd need to be replayable for many hours of entertainment

@zatnosk Hmm. The best no-combat board game port in terms of endless replayability that has a map and a 4X-ey feel and is fun to play vs. the AI is Terraforming Mars. I haven't played the Android port personally, but the Steam port is very fun and it looks to be a direct translation. It's not free, but it's worth it and sounds like it would hit most of your targets.

@PastaThief Hm. Promosing. I'd have to look into that. Maybe I can find a lets play or something somewhere, that shows me the general gameplay.

@zatnosk If you're good with board games ports in general being filed under Strategy, then "Ticket to Ride," is also really nice.

@PastaThief it's a good suggestion, and I almost feel bad for being so sceptical of everything, but I'm not sure I'd enjoy playing e.g. Ticket To Ride against AI players. Half the fun in that board game is playing it with people around a table; We have two variants of that game in board form in this household.

@zatnosk If you can run an emulator on your android device, the megaman battle network series might be worth looking into. You're not killing stuff (you're deleting viruses, though, so maybe that counts in your mind?) and there's no timer.

@Felthry Hm. I probably could run an emulator, but it sounds like a lot of work, even if I have a computer science degree.

The killing is less about the death part, and more the "every problem is solved by punching it repeatedly" approach that infests most RPGs and strategy games. Probably because both those genres grew out of war game simulations - but RPGs at least have been able to outgrow that in pen&paper format, so I hope there's something in that vein on mobile too.

@zatnosk we've done it before, it's really not that hard

anyway it seems that wouldn't work for your desires then--only rpg I know that meets your criteria would be undertale and i don't think that's available on mobile (but maybe it is, i dunno)

There are crpgs that encourage nonviolent solutions to things too, but I don't know of any of those on mobile either

@Felthry @zatnosk ahhh, hmmm. Not sure if that would get around your problem or not, there what's an RPG for the original Gameboy which is trivially easy to emulate on an Android phone or PC called legend of the river king which was a standard jrpg but instead of fighting you're catching fish.

I don't know if it would get around your problem with punching things over and over again, there's no violence at all as I understand it, but it is repetitive

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