: A mastodon client that lets me locally tag an account with a time-zone, so I can more easily determine what time of day it is for them.
This is kinda an addition to a general wish of being able to locally tag accounts with notes and stuff.

@pfm no semantics are needed here. Sure, Social Semantic Web is a fancy theoretical construction, but it's useless without good apps and interfaces.

I don't want "tags that people can add and share", I want "local, private information to assist my memory, presented in an intuitive way".

@zatnosk that was a tongue-in-cheek statement... ;)

@pfm 1) how was I supposed to know that?
2) if your point wasn't to make me compare it to SSW, then what is your point?

@zatnosk just joking, shitposting, whatever you call it; I was hoping that the emoji made it clear I wasn't engaging in a technical/scientific discussion. I apologize if my comment was inappropriate for you

@pfm I didn't get the joke, then.
Anyway, no harm done :)

@zatnosk I'm working on that. In a mastodon fork, for now.

Would you mind if I email you the idea? So you can shoot at it, tear it down, or otherwise give your opinion on it?

@berkes Cool!

you're welcome to DM me here, if that works for you? It's a bit easier for me to manage a conversation here than in email.

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