hot take 

When I hop on my bike, it becomes a part of my body. I am then a cyborg.

Bicyborg (no that's a different thing)

hot take 

@funnypanja It's either a cyborg attracted to "both" (i.e. all) genders,


it's a cyborg attracted to both humans and machines.


Or both. Both is good.

hot take 

@zatnosk aren't cyborg part human, instead of being a interely different category?


hot take 

@funnypanja True. But if we compare to gender*, then being a cyborg could be considered parallel to being non-binary - just in relation to the false binary of "man vs machine".

(* gender is, IMO, similarly hard to define as humanity. "What defines being human?" is essentially the same question as "What defines being [insert gender]?".)

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