I still want (to make) an audiobook that is a 45 hour long concept metal album.

@zatnosk So, Lulu, but longer ? No offence, but I'm not sure I could hear that. :'D


@lertsenem I haven't actually listened to Lulu, but it sounds like a similar concept.

It's mostly born from the idea that I like when music support the mood of the story being told in podcasts or audiobooks, and I wish I could have more of that.

It presupposes that it's an interesting story, though, and I'd personally prefer either fantasy of sci-fi - which incidentally fits really well with a lot of subgenres of metal!

@zatnosk Wow, it looks like something you actually gave a lot of thoughts! Maybe try with some short stories first before going for a full 45h masterpiece? ^^"

I tried to listen to Lulu twice, but this is really too "progressive" (not sure if it's the right term) for my inexperienced ears.

@lertsenem It's been brewing in the back of my mind for a while. But as I'm even less experienced writing fiction than I am writing music, I'm not sure I'll ever compose a 45 hour long masterpiece.

@lertsenem I have written (parts of) likeable music, though, and I also have an epic fantasy/scifi universe brewing in my mind, so it's not impossible that I'll achieve that goal.

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