: A "random encounter" bot, that - when followed, or otherwise opted in to - messages you with a scenario and a choice, and depending on your choice, gives you some loot of some kind, and then keeps track of your "inventory" of loot.

Bonus: option to gift other people the loot you've found.

Bonus: simple webpage that displays your inventory, so you don't have to shout commands at the bot to see it.

@zatnosk this sounds really cute. I love scenarios like this.

Have you played Above & Below (it's a board game). This really reminds me of it, and it's one of my fav games.


Here's the game. It's beautiful. You build a village, gather resources, and recruit villagers while also going on little choose-your-own-adventures. It's competitive but I don't know anyone who isn't really happy even when they lose. It's just ... pleasant.

@vicorva Oh, I'd love to play that!

Hey @nuhn ? I have a new boardgame on my wishlist for my birthday!

@FiXato I'll admit I'm partially inspired by chest bot, but what I'm aiming for is something in between, and simultaneously in a different direction.

Less focus on stats and more focus on story and meaningful interaction.

I could go on a rant against "move, take, look" interactive fiction, but I wont.

@zatnosk yeah, I expected as much, but figured they were worth mentioning anyway. :)

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