tired: using "they" when I don't know the gender of someone

wired: using "they" when I do know the gender of someone, but I'm not going to tell you that easily.

@lanodan eh, I like using some kind of short hand instead of writing "my toddler did this, and then my toddler did that", so I find pronouns pretty practical.

But if I can avoid telling everyone the name and gender of my toddler? Yes, please.

@zatnosk Maybe use diminutives or small nicknames, like todd/toddie ?

Also meant more like gendered pronouns, there is languages with no gendered pronouns (Basque is one).

#TeReoMaori is another language with gender neutral pronouns ("ia" for he/ she/ it), as is Mandarin Chinese ("ta" for he/ she/ it). I find the similarity intriguing as an ethnolinguistic data point.

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