Does anyone have any resources on cultural-historical periods outside Europe? I know plenty about renaissance and baroque and stuff. Where do I go to learn the big lines of arabic culture? Sub-saharan african culture? South asian culture?

@zatnosk for southeast asian culture the key word would be "dynasty"

not sure if an equivalent search term exists for other regions

@ben Eh. Regarding China, the latest dynasty was from 16-something to 19-something. That's a lot of something under on hat. I'm pretty sure all the European countries have multiple named periods in that span of years.

And apparently the latest Japanese "dynasty" is the imperial family which started around... 600 BC? O.o I learned something there, but not exactly modern history :P

@zatnosk The term for Japan would be „period“ or „jidai“, as in „Sengoku jidai“ or „Edo jidai“.

I have loads in Norwegian, but if you give me sometime ill see if i can digg up some in English.

@zatnosk how about:
- Baghdad, before the Mongol invasion
- Cairo at the time of the Fatimid Caliphate
- the Mughal Empire: Jahangir is a good start
- the culture of Benin, before it 'mysteriously caught fire' under British occupation

@scruss is that book titles or key words? In either case, thanks! Sounds promising.

@zatnosk key words, really. some of the artworks that these cultures produced are stunning even today - and could only have been produced in massively complex societies

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