Does anyone have any tips and/or resources regarding how to do collectivism and build community when you...?

* are prone to sensory overstimulation
(esp. sound in my case)
* are prone to social anxiety
* need time alone to recharge after most interactions


@zatnosk Guess the same things apply for almost anything.

Tell when you are bothered. Find way to tell others without hurting or being a bother (when you get repetitive. Erk.). Wathever feels okay for both ; may need creativity and guesswork. Humans...

For yourself find comfy spots and hacks to find them in harsher conditions (I also need silence/isolate time, I use anti-noise helmet alone or play something/podcast when I just can't have it otherwise).

For the anxiety, ask explicit feedback ?

@zatnosk Funny how easy it is to throw broad ideas when I myself am pretty isolated in most of my communities and life :o

But I heard most of it from social people who "had the knack of it" ?

Knowing theory on how one must cook does not grant any cooking skill, though. D:

@otyugh That's okay, you speak good words.

My trouble with communities, is mostly that it's either build or join, and both seems like very daunting tasks given the time and energy I have :/

@zatnosk I feel you. I've had some bad experiences but the healthy collectives I know are good about having a few basic rules, and delegating roles so there's no need for never-ending discussion. People do their thing and have a few regular meetings. The more extroverted folks tend to take care of the more social tasks. The "collective" is then less about constant contact or shared space and more about shared goals, ideals and solidarity.

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