Can anyone tell me where the "dragons can shapeshift into humanoids" trope started?

(Curiously, in Norse myth there's humanoid(s?) being cursed into the form of a dragon (Fafnir), but no one going the other way) oh i was asking about this the other day and concluded it's mostly Chinese and Japanese in origin mixed with some Gaelic shapeshifting faerie traditions

@zatnosk found on

There is a dragon from Korean mythology called the Imoogi (I may have spelled that wrong, so if I did, forgive me). It is born as a human child, and, as far as I know, female. It remains human until its seventeenth year, then it can go back and forth between forms (human and dragon) as it pleases.

@zatnosk A better spelling of the Hangul name in English might be Imugi, which seems to be preferred on Korean mythology sites. I'm having a hard time finding anything on the shapeshifting bit, though, everything seems to be focused on the achievement of a celestial orb that lets the imugi advance from a wyvern-like proto-dragon form to a proper dragon.

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