Where's the strategy/civbuilding/basebuilding game where "Someone declared war against you. Game over." is a thing?

@PierreM I'm not thinking of a specific game. I'm wishing for one to exist, so I don't have to write it myself.

@zatnosk oh, I thought you were complaining about an existing game.
I'd love to see a 4X where war is never the solution, but alas it's probable never going to exist.

@PierreM It's not going to be built by capitalist neoliberal game studios, that's for sure.

The mobile game Immortal Conquest is the closest thing to that I've seen, and it's still quite terrible. The goal is to organize an alliance to tackle NPC targets of increasing difficulty until there's an alliance that can take out the central target

Objectively speaking, war is the worst possible strategy. If you resort to coercion, you'll fall behind those who are more persuasive

On a more practical level, the game is an expensive shit show about warfare, hierarchy, and the artificial scarcity of high level rewards. Despite these weaknesses, the game would still be too on point to be produced by a neoliberal studio. It's made by NetEase, based in China

@zatnosk game studios in capitalist neoliberal countries don't have to follow Zeitgeist ;)

@zatnosk if you’re playing Civ, and you’re opponent is India...

@dgold There's a plethora of war declaration waaay before Gandhi decides to nuke me. But I appreciate the joke :)

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