Do any of y'all actually know how to play nine men's morris?

@zatnosk nope, just repeating the meme because my brain's been broken by constant intensive hyperexposure

@amsomniac @zatnosk i thought this for months before i finally looked it up earlier this week

(90s swing revival voice)
Nine Men's Morris!
Lay down a token per side
Nine Men's Morris (Morris!)
And form a chain of 'em three men wide

@a_bun but you've got half the rules right there!

@zatnosk I'm pretty sure I've played it as a minigame in a video game… 🤷🏻‍♂️


@Avalon and I have played, from a wonderful book of simple board games. It's a deceptively simple game, and I enjoyed it despite being an atrocious player.

@RussSharek @Avalon oh, that's a delightful book! I've seen nine men's morris boards so many times on the flipside of a chess board, but haven't read the rules until the memes started.

@zatnosk @Avalon

Give it a try. Avalon just kicked my butt solidly in a game, and we both enjoyed it.

The book, while unnecessary to the game, is terrific too.

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