Apparently, the danish songwriter's union (KODA) is in conflict with Google over how much YouTube should pay musicians.

If you tomorrow suddenly can't listen to Volbeat, Aqua, D-A-D, or Alfabeat on youtube, it's because KODA hasn't allowed the current licensing deal to be extended.

This is your irregularly scheduled Scandinavian reminder to join a union!
(I'm a member of two; KODA is one of them)

To be clear, it's Google that's about to remove all danish music from YouTube, because KODA won't accept a 70% decrease in licensing payment to musicians.

The new deal they're trying to negotiate is a collective deal including Norwegian and Finnish songwriters unions too, so it may or may not include all music from Norway and/or Finland too.

This could include bands such as ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Base, Avicii, Nightwish, HIM, Arch Enemy, HammerFall, Opeth, Apocalyptica.

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They motherfucking did it. Google is now blocking everyone in Denmark from hearing Danish music on YouTube.

Everyone else can hear our music but us.

What The Fuck.

Article from Danish Songwriter's Union in Danish:

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When you say Google, do you mean YouTube?

You're here in the Fediverse, right?. Why lament the corporate silo of Google, instead of encouraging artists to upload their works to Peertube or FunkWhale instead?

#FOSS #Fediverse #Peertube #FunkWhale

@tallship Google owns YouTube, so I say Google when I talk about the corporate entity.

Fuck off with your whataboutism. PeerTube is tainted by fascists because of too poor moderating tools, and FunkWhale is not an alternative to YouTube.

And neither of those pieces of software get musicians paid, so it's doubly irrelevant.

@tallship and no, I'm not "here in the fediverse", I'm here in Denmark.

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