I'd like to introduce the word "dearest" as a gender-neutral word for romantic partner.

It's directly translated from the danish word "kæreste", and it's a good word.

@zatnosk älskade, älskling are two of the Swedish ones.

@maloki those are good words too. We use "elskede" on danish, but it's not anywhere near the casualness of "kæreste".

Describing someone as your "elskede" is like saying, "..and I was talking to my beloved, and she said..." - it's a bit of a different vibe in casual conversation :P

@maloki I guess an english translation of älskling would be "loveling". It doesn't sound as good/cute though.

@zatnosk @maloki Sounds like some kind of magical forest creature. =)

I guess darling <=> älskling are pretty close in how they're used. Huh. Does darling derive from "dearling"? I never wondered about where it came from.

> From Middle English dereling, from Old English dēorling (“darling, favorite, minion; also household god”), corresponding to dear +‎ -ling.

@zatnosk The bad part about this is that Google Translate translates it to "boyfriend" if the subject is a woman and "girlfriend" if it's a man, but that's more the fault of English

@socks that's just google translate being shitty and heteronormative in it's algorithm.

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