I need to figure out how to build mechanically interesting puzzles for a text game in Twine.

Does anyone have any tips? oh i might be able to help, depending on what your criteria for "mechanically interesting" are?

@InspectorCaracal something that
* isn't click-through-linear,
* doesn't rely on the player being good at riddles
* isn't "pick the right option" brute-forceable

I guess a related problem is "how do I want to create consequence?" how about puzzle rooms? like you have several "rooms" that you can move between like a text adventure, and there are various interactable hooks in the room, and you have to figure out how to interact with the hooks in the right order, like one hook activates a previously viewed hook but only if you'd previously viewed it, or there's a hook that gives you an item which opens up new options on the previous hooks

consequences for this concept could be single-use items

@InspectorCaracal Hm. I'm not sure I grok how to turn this into a workable puzzle. Currently on my map*, I have two rooms marked with "this room has a puzzle that unlocks a specific door in the same room".

(* I'm not certain whether the map should be viewable by the player in some/any way, so it might not be strictly important that it's "in a single room")

@InspectorCaracal ooooh, that's a good way to look at it. That didn't occur to me at all, for some reason. brains are weird lmao

i only thought of it 'cause i sat down at one point specifically to figure out how to implement an escape room in twine

@InspectorCaracal true that.

So that's probably my next step. Figure out how to make two different escape rooms - or at least differently flavored escape rooms. One of them could definitely just be a slightly more complex version of the other.

But also, it's only level 1 of this dungeon, so they shouldn't be too absurd or complex... if you want an example of an escape room twine game for ideas, i actually have one published

@InspectorCaracal I played that one! I guess it deserves a replay with research in mind, but not tonight - it's nearing bedtime for me.

In any case, thanks a lot for your input! no prob! good luck! and if you wanna see some of the source code for specific bits of that game to see how i did it, just lemme know

@zatnosk I’ve fooled about with twine a bit but haven’t done anything especially complex. But something like a combination lock is probably not out of the question, right? Like played inputs specific series of variables, thing happens.

For some reason the image in my mind is balancing a scale with quantities of water.

@Ethancdavenport Hmm. That's a good suggestion. I'm not sure if it's exactly what you have in mind, but I'm reminded of puzzles that I've seen in Black & White and other games, where each of three inputs changes multiple outputs, and all the outputs need to be equalized to solve the puzzle.

@zatnosk I haven’t played those but that is the sort of thing I had in mind, yeah. Like a series of valves to turn on or off to fill one reservoir and not the others. Idk, just spitballing.

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