: An open continuous tournament of tetris bots.

Anyone can write a bot and upload it, and then the bot will participate in a tetris99 inspired tournament, where bots compete against each other. The bots get a ranking based on how well they place each battle.

The bots operate in a virtual timeline, where they get to do a number of "actions" per tick. Actions could be stuff like: looking at upcoming pieces, rotating, switching targets, etc.

The actions/tick ratio decreases during play.


Additional rules: no loops in the code. Custom language where it's not even an option. You get ifs and switch expressions, and then the code is called with the current state for each tick.

I could probably build a graphical programming environment for this language, if I get all the other stuff in place.

You should probably also have a few registers to put variables and stuff in, that survives each tick. Not an unlimited amount, but not too few so it feels cramped. Ideally the whole language will be deterministic and easily compilable to e.g. WebAssembly, so it'll be easy to build a replay-viewer, or straight up a live "full speed" view.

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