Great. I can't upgrade to newest versions of warp (0.3.1) and tokio (1.5) because there's apparently dependency conflicts, despite warp (0.3.1) also depending on tokio ^1

Thanks Rust.

If anyone can give me a hint on how I go from
warp 0.2 + tokio 0.2
warp 0.3 + tokio 1.x

That'd be nice.

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Oi. Turns out running rustup update and cargo update fixed it. Probably the last one, but I did run both.

The compiler could probably have told me that - or less cryptically if it tried to tell me that.

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Nice. And everything compiles without changes. And I'm on a stable version of tokio. Smooth.

(and for the very curious, the project I'm tinkering with and have now "ported" to tokio 1.0 is Project - I'm mostly mentioning this for the hashtag :P )

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