I'm this close to silencing, for the sole reason that whenever I see anything boosted from there it's about

Semi-relatedly, can I get a semi-follow state, where I only see someone's posts in my feed when they interact with other people I follow? I.e. no boosts and none of their non-reply posts by default.

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@dumpsterqueer it's really useful for following along conversations among a clique*, but I'm not interested in anything from that other clique that overlaps with one or two people.

(*Especially when such conversations are followers only. In actually all of this is a workaround for simulating semi-private group contexts that simply aren't supported in the fediverse)

@zatnosk semi private group contexts? What do you mean?

(going to bed now because brain is v tired so if you reply I won't see it til morning just fyi)

@dumpsterqueer I'm also on my way to bed, so I can't write the long description now, but..

Group contexts as in Groups; people join, see the stuff even if they're not following the other people, there's often a theme or an intended clique for the Group.

Semi-private the same way followers only is semi-private when the account isn't locked. Basically differing levels of "what does it take to join the Group" and "what does it take to read the stuff in the Group".

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