toxic masculinity in memes 

I am seriously tired of the
strong/buff/chad vs weak/crying/virgin memes that signify a good bad dichotomy.

It's 120% toxic masculinity to correlate "good" with big muscles and "bad" with crying and/or virginity.

Will you please stop it!

And no, using it ironically doesn't remove the toxicity, because someone else will see it and relate to it unironically.

toxic masculinity in memes 

@zatnosk yeah, the toxic masculinity is one problem and irony is another problem with the meme format. Originally, the "virgin" character was supposed to be the cool one and all the good stuff about the "chad" was actually bad. But the subtlety got lost somewhere along the way

toxic masculinity in memes 

@zatnosk In "virgin" variants it's ALSO acephobic for good measure!

toxic masculinity in memes 

@zatnosk "alpha/beta/gamma/whatever-letter-of-the-greek-alphabet male" memes also has the same thing, its basically astrology for men

toxic masculinity in memes 

@zatnosk agree. loads of technomacho Meme's.. so sick of this one with the girl and the guy lookin behind.. such macho crap :guns_firing:

toxic masculinity in memes, 4chan 

@zatnosk generally i just don't like 4chan memes ("wojack" & such)

toxic masculinity in memes 

@zatnosk using it ironically with the reversed meaning carries a shitty social intent as well. virgin/chad memes were made as incel 4channer shit where they complained abt women not picking the "virgin" stereotype

and the inherent concept of virginity is fucked bullshit

we honestly just assume ppl are at least a bit fashy when we see that meme

toxic masculinity in memes 

@zatnosk it’s also antisemitic 😬

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