I need a smaller social media outlet, because this one feels too exposed to post about some things.

@zatnosk anonymous/pseudonymous locked account on another instance?

@FiXato yeah, but which instance? I already have a tiny locked alt on a misskey instance, but A) doesn't work with tusky, and B) there's less than 20 followers, so rarely any interaction.

I guess you'd need to find one with an active local timeline, preferably aimed at the topic(s) you don't want to ppst about from your main. Which might be hard to find depending on the subject.

As for connecting to misskey via Tusky: I wonder if github.com/Xeltica/aitoot might work, as it describes itself as a misskey to Mastodon API proxy?
The repo itself is in Japanese though...

@FiXato I hadn't even considered picking for the local timeline (since I'm on a single-user over here, I don't use that much..)

Oh, so Misskey DOES have an API? I thought any kind of client was out of the question. I'm not good at reading japanese, though :P

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