Unix time coverage in:

32-bit signed integer:
from 1902 to 2038

32-bit unsigned integer:
from 1970 to 2102

64-bit signed integer:
from 280 billion years before big bang
to 306 billion years after big bang

64-bit unsigned integer:
from 1970
to 600 billion years after big bang

The last one seem impractical.


For context 1970 (or "now") is approximately 13.8 billion years after big bang.

If we want our unixtime in milliseconds that still 585 million years of coverage.

I still vote signed for that one.

@zatnosk When we approach roll over of the signed 64bit int, we can just start using the rolled over numbers for a ~while~ before we get actual ambiguity

@LovesTha "for a while" being approximately 20 times the current age of the universe.

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