: a turn based multiplayer browser game where each player get one (unordered) turn per round, and a new round starts as soon as all players have used their turn.

Bonus: option of planning future moves, that are executed as soon as a round starts. This could potentially lead to multiple rounds passing in a few minutes, because the "last" player is active.

Bonus: a timeout (e.g. 24h) that plays some default action in games where the group is larger than "a couple of friends"

Civ-like concept building on the above idea: each player starts with a city-tile, and mist work the tiles around to gather food and resources. The resources produced on those tiles and transported to the city determines how big the city can grow. Bigger city = more units to do stuff with. A lone city tile has a limit of 10 (arbitrarily chosen number) units, and making more city tiles next to it makes it able to grow slightly larger, per tile. But then there's less tiles nearby for food, etc.

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So for cities to grow big, the player has to organize resource transportation and eventually trade routes to other cities. And if the transport networks fail, then the city can't support itself.

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