Where are the RPGs that spend their energy telling compelling stories with interesting characters, rather than blow it all on fancy graphics, novel mechanics, and/or difficult combat?


@dumpsterqueer ooh, planescape torment looks interesting, and it's even available for nintendo switch, even if it's expensive..

@zatnosk Can you be a little more specific with "RPGs"? It's very broad

@socks game where I have a character I control, and then walk around in a fictional world where I can talk to other characters and learn stuff about the world and/or them.

(Bonus points for romance subplots)

Mass Effect was awesome until I got stuck because I wasn't good enough at first-person-shooting - even on easiest difficulty.

@zatnosk Still extremely broad in my opinion, because both JRPGs and western RPGs fall into this in very different ways

In terms of JRPGs I can recommend Trails in the Sky, but I have close to no experience with western RPGs like Mass Effect

@zatnosk This is the experience I had with Harebrained's Shadowrun games.

Torment: Tides of Numenara makes a moderately strong showing as well: combat is almost completely optional, but it does have a lot of mechanics it doesn't explain too well.

I have high hopes for Disco Elysium and Wildermyth.

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