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I woke up with a for generating HTML. I had to write it down: github.com/Zatnosk/htgs

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@KindlyFire pug? Haven't heard of it. Will research.

@KindlyFire Oh, another javascript thing. I'm aiming for pure serverside, kind of a replacement for PHP, even though that would require a bit more power than I've included in the first draft.

@zatnosk pug is generally used server-side only, it runs on top of NodeJS or other alternative implementations (like pug-php). It's more like a templating language, but what you showed me was quite similar.

@zatnosk In Clojure, it’s standard to do this. github.com/weavejester/hiccup is the default go-to library to generate HTML from data (i.e., a nested Clojure data structure), but it’s quite easy to do, so ClojureScript React wrappers like re-frame implement the same idea.

See #6 at practicaltypography.com/why-ra for a nice paragraph about the equivalence of XML and Lispy S-expressions.