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: What if.. when clicking on a toot (in the Mastodon web interface), instead of the first link resolving to a preview at the bottom of the toot, ALL the links (that can) resolve to previews embedded in that toot?
So the previews was shown between the text of the post, and of course properly styled to indicate that it's a previews link and not just an image or video.

(Also, I want WebTorrent video playback support, because awesome)

@zatnosk What is this WebTorrent video playback? How would it work UX wise, what do you expect?

@gargron it's more a dream than a feature request at this point, but I saw a link to a French big with some github project that tries to build a webtorrent based YouTube alternative, but unfortunately I'm very bad at French, so I couldn't read the blog.
Will try to find it again later (on my way out of the door right now).

@Gargron @zatnosk it has some cool possibilities and would make me less grumpy about your wontfix on audio uploads ;p