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See, part of the reason I'm so excited about the stuff I've been linking is... I love live hackable systems. I love them! If you don't have experience with Emacs + Lisp, or a Smalltalk environment, or whatever, you have no idea what you're missing out on.

And that's why I LOVE this video and keep rewatching it vimeo.com/151465912

I am *with* Sussman that we want live, robust, flexible systems in order to build the world we need. I actually think it's key to network freedom...!

:blobwizard: Tsatnosk @zatnosk

@cwebber I still have a dream of building a live hackable social web instance. And this thread has a lot of links I want to read.

@zatnosk Not crazy at all. That's the direction I want to go too (and partly reflected in Pubstrate, but not as far as it could be)