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:blobwizard: Tsatnosk @zatnosk

: I've been thinking of setting up my personal website with some automatic feeds of various hashtags from my instance, but in considering that I sometimes just tag in a reply, I think I need to fetch the tagged posts and then get the root of their conversation, and show that post - that would probably give me what I want in most cases.

And if I also add a small number showing a count of replies and a link to the webview, I think it would be pretty good.

@zatnosk oohhh... I've been thinking about exactly this functionality - ideally something that would allow JSON to map to Wordpress post fields (as opposed to a feed :) Please do let me know if you make any progress :)

@gamehawk Thanks. I looked at this the last time I tried to work feeding from Mastodon to Wordpress. It's a little (lots) above my current technical ability, but if I ever get a few days to focus on it, I *think* I could do it... @zatnosk